Neighbours, one balancing on a precarious stage and another stocky and square, in floating stability, play well together in Little Heart’s Ease. A fresh coat of paint is all that was needed to bring these two together again, shy at first but now inseparable.
It looks perfect now, but just you wait. The sink will be filled with Red Rose stains and the ornate tiles will be caked with mud from the garden you couldn’t get enough of.
I leave a mark at every place I’ve been or does it leave a mark on me?
I can’t keep every house I’ve ever loved while still having room to live
What a spot! Perched on the edge of the world and watching the sun leave the day, the sky ebbs from gold to grey. Sit on the stair and watch it fade away, let the cool air wrap around you and remind you why you let your roots grow into this hard ground.