The round piece with the handle is a scale, probably for weighing fish. It was a gift from my sister in Placentia and is the only piece in this series not from the Bonavista Peninsula. Some of the found text is obscure, but “every Tuesday” is distinct. I chose this bit of print to give the  work a time reference. The dial is also obscured, so it might be taken for a clock. The red board is a piece from my neighbour’s lawn chair which was beyond repair.


There were a lot of things swirling around in my mind when I began Scale: time, order, weight, and balance. It is one of my favourites.


It is unusual for me to deviate from the parallel, but in Small Barrel the two elements on the right seem to wander apart at the top and diverge from the formal straight lines on the left. In this work, elements that are from outside the house are paired with those from inside. The red pieces are parts of interior trim that have been left outside, and the paint has weathered and chipped; the oak barrel top is an outside element, something that might be found in a shed; the yellow is wallpaper. I added the small squares to the gently curved right-hand edge, between the existing screws, to impart an almost musical rhythm.